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AIRTIME has helped me bill several thousand dollars of time that I would have otherwise lost. - Stephen Wink, CAHILL/WINK LLP
Use A4P-Professional™ to:
  Increase your billings by accurately tracking all mobile communications
  Virtually eliminate the time and effort spent on recording billable hours
  Behave as your mobile journal and remember your daily mobile activities
  Use automated timers or manually enter time into your PDA as desired

Upon completion of a phone call or email, A4P-Professional presents a time entry screen with billing codes pre-populated.

You can also select from a list of your most frequently used billing codes.

When you're ready to bill, export captured time into Tabs3®, TimeSlips® or virtually any other accounting package.

The software performs like a champ and was successful at getting me to track my time better and remember projects, instructions, and promises that were made. - Douglas Sorocco, Dunlap, Codding & Rogers, PC
Today's tools, especially A4P-Professional, will help you help your lawyers accurately capture the time they actually work.
- Dennis Kennedy, Leading Technology Consultant

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