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AIRTIME-Enterprise How it Works Why AIRTIME-Enterprise

Currently, many time entry solutions rely on manual input through PC-based software and do not have wireless time tracking capabilities. For those who do offer wireless time entry into their interface, the feature is often a superfluous and expensive add-on requiring the user to sort through several menus and activity logs.

AIRTIME eliminates the need for creating manual time entries and offers a one-click solution to creating these entries wirelessly. AIRTIME is the only product on the market that makes time recording for projects, calls and emails effortless for the user, yet sophisticated enough to automatically assign client/matter codes for each time entry. In addition, AIRTIME is not tied to a larger time and billing solution, giving its customers the flexibility to select a complementary product that suits their needs. AIRTIME offers a simple solution to meet the needs of today's working professional on-the-go.

One-click feature

  • Eliminate endless keystrokes and sorting menus

Real-time web-based reports include client invoicing and administrative notes

  • AIRTIME remembers, records and stores everything for you the minute it happens. With AIRTIME there's no need for manual recording on a desktop component

Capture all billable events down to the second

  • Save time and stay accurate while you're on-the-go

Flexible pricing structure

  • Pay per use or monthly subscription

Stay mobile

  • Log on to the web-based application from anywhere

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