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AIRTIME-Enterprise How it Works Why AIRTIME-Enterprise

In today's world, we understand work doesn't stop when you leave the office. AIRTIME provides a time tracking system that runs in the background of your handheld so your time outside the office is accurately recorded.

Recoverable Revenues
AIRTIME helps you recover substantial revenues and reimbursable expenses otherwise lost forever by providing an application that accurately captures these events and feeds them into existing billing systems. Thus, there is a significant increase in billable revenue and overall profitability.

Tracking Calls and Emails
With AIRTIME, working professionals can effortlessly record each billable event from their wireless device. It's as simple as clicking "BILL" on your keypad after each phone call or email. AIRTIME's one-click method offers real-time billing from your virtual office.

Easy Integration with Time & Billing systems
Not only is AIRTIME as easy as one click of a button, but it is also designed to be smart. AIRTIME automatically records and uploads vital contact information including: time and duration of the call, contact name & number, client/matter codes and other data necessary to integrate with your current billing system. It learns account codes and their billable status, categorizing them for future use. There's no need to note anything down after each call or email - AIRTIME does it all wirelessly.

Simple Recording with TimeNote
AIRTIME's TimeNote feature allows each user to create a manual time entry for meetings, research, and other mobile events not actively captured by the software.

Automated Web-Based Database and Web Editor
After each event, your captured data is automatically sent to the web server, where Web Editor allows you to edit time entries, generate reports, and export the data into other software packages. The recorded data following each event can be viewed anytime via AIRTIME's web-based reporting system, and easily downloaded into your current Time & Billing system in a format your current system understands. AIRTIME gives you more information, more control, and more revenue recognition without the hassle.

Personal Assistant with Easy Recall System
AIRTIME can automatically recall client/matter codes used for contacts. If you want to associate an event to a specific client/matter, AIRTIME presents a list of previously used codes for any specific contact. These codes are synchronized with the web-based backend system for easy reference, viewing, and download.

Easy Installation
AIRTIME installs in minutes from your wireless server. Simply download the file to your device from the web, no desktop installation needed-and no installation fee. AIRTIME-Manager handles the Web Editor setup and the integration with billing systems. We also offer free technical support for the duration of our relationship with our customers.

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