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AIRTIME-Manager at the Elite User Conference
iPhone Time Tracking for Elite Released


June 7, 2010


·                   Latest AIRTIME-Elite Case Study

·                   AIRTIME Review in Technolawyer

·                   AIRTIME from AT&T on YouTube


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Hi Kirk,

If you're headed to Miami for the Elite User Conference, please come see us in booth #409. We'll be showing off the latest Blackberry time tracking release, as well as version 1.0 for the iPhone. Amid the hub bub of gadgetry, Airtime products clearly signal order, savings, and simplicity.

Whether or not you are attending, there is a wealth of news to share, including another Elite case study hot off the presses, a review of Airtime Manager from legal technologist Caren Schwartz, and more information about Airtime's expanding partnership with AT&T.

Please check out these articles and let me know if I can answer any questions!


Duncan & Craig Logo

Lawyers at Duncan & Craig LLP were using BlackBerry® smartphones for daily communications with clients but they didn't have a solution in place to track the time spent on the phone or sending email to clients. Because tracking all billable time is important to every law firm's bottom line, the company wanted to simplify the current process to ensure they captured every billable event.

Duncan & Craig deployed the A4P-Professional hosted application from AIRTIME-Manager on 45 BlackBerry smartphones. Utilizing an Equitrac solution to track expenses and Elite billing systems to monitor billable time, the A4P-Professional application enables professionals to better manage their airtime by tracking calls and emails through a time-entry interface on their devices. Once a call is completed or email is sent, the application prompts the lawyer to enter a file number to complete an event for billing. Lawyers can also use the timer on the BlackBerry smartphone during a meeting and enter that time directly into the time-entry interface. Time turned into money actually earned, and Duncan & Craig captured multiple hours and dollars otherwise lost in the electronic shuffle.

Read the Full AIRTIME-Elite Case Study

AIRTIME Review in Technolawyer


By Caren Schwartz
Time & Cents Logo

Legal technology consultant Caren Schwartz spends a lot of time on the road. To help captureher time spent on email and phone calls from her BlackBerry, Caren used Airtime Manager's AIRTIME-A4P for a few months. In this TechnoFeature, she reviews A4P, including setting it up, daily use, and technical support. If you find yourself increasingly reliant on your smartphone, and concerned about billable time slipping through the cracks when you're out of the office, read Caren's review to find out if AIRTIME-A4P could help you and your colleagues.

Read the Full Review

AIRTIME from AT&T on YouTube


See the AT&T Video

AIRTIME Manager from AT&T gives professionals an easy way to track billable time on their compatible AT&T smartphones. No other smartphone application can snare lost minutes and hours, monitor email and phone time, or organize client matters the way Airtime Manager can.

Follow this link to see the 90 second overview, or visit to learn more.

Watch the Video

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