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AIRTIME previews A4P Client Usage Analysis
Select firms experience 500% - 5000% ROI

February 5, 2008 - AIRTIME-Manager today announced some initial findings in a study designed to determine the financial benefits of using A4P. Six AIRTIME-A4P clients, ranging in size from 25 to 100 professionals, were studied. Taking into account billable hours recovered and A4P license fees, the ROI for these firms ranged from 500% at the low end to over 5000% for one of the firms surveyed.

"These findings totally validate the AIRTIME-A4P proposition," says AIRTIME founder Jerry Fenzel. "Where A4P is used it has tremendous value. We believe that these successes answer any lingering doubts about the financial impact of mobile time capture on a firm's bottom line."

Other interesting findings give clues as to how A4P is used within a firm. As expected, there is a solid core of "power users" who account for a disproportionate share of billable hour recovery. At the firms studied, monthly billable hour recovery ranged between four and nine hours for this group. Strikingly, there is also a "middle tier" of users recovering between one and three hours per month with A4P. Even occasional users were profitable: at one firm, the "bottom third" of A4P users recovered, on average, one billable hour per month.

The powerful ROI message has been appealing to firms of all sizes, yet reluctance to implement time capture technology is still felt at many firms. Kirk Fackre, AIRTIME's Chief of Marketing, points to a lack of awareness that automated tracking tools exist, as well as the perception that mobile time is efficiently captured some other way. According to Fackre, "When a firm tells us their lawyers capture time using everything from backs of envelopes to cocktail napkins, who are we to argue? That said, we can now highlight a growing number of lawyers using A4P as a really smart electronic cocktail napkin -- easy for them, and much less painful for their assistants. We hope that by sharing analysis and results, the discussion moves out of the realm of theory into one of profitability."

AIRTIME will continue to monitor usage trends on a quarterly basis. To obtain a summary of the current AIRTIME-A4P Client Usage analysis, please call +1 978-626-1260, or contact AIRTIME directly.

About AIRTIME-Manager: AIRTIME-Manager designs, develops, and delivers a suite of mission critical applications for wireless devices. AIRTIME's applications fall into three product groups designed to meet the needs of professional services firms and business enterprises by mobilizing their offices on wireless devices:

  • AIRTIME-A4P automatically captures time associated with wireless calls and emails and delivers billable hours directly to the accounting system.
  • AIRTIME-A4Mail helps mobile professionals manage wireless client communications.
  • AIRTIME-A4Biz differentiates personal from business use of wireless devices for the purpose of expense management and allocation.
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