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What type of handheld devices is A4P compatible with?
AIRTIME can be run on BlackBerry, iPhone and Windows Mobile devices. A4P requires version 4.0 or greater of the BlackBerry firmware and is compatible with both Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6.0. For a list of all compatible devices click here.

How is A4P installed on BlackBerry devices?
A4P can be installed either over-the-air using a web link or through a BES push of a third party application. AIRTIME will provide guidelines for BES Application and IT Control policies to enable the push of software.

How is A4P installed on iPhones?
You can download the iPhone client directly from the App Store. Please contact Airtime for other deployment methods.

How is A4P installed on Windows Mobile devices?
A4P is installed to a Windows Mobile device by downloading and running a CAB file on the device. The CAB file may be downloaded to the device over the air through the device's web browser or by moving the file to the device through ActiveSync. After installation, A4P will wirelessly connect to the AIRTIME system to configure any pre-defined settings and to populate pre-loaded billing data onto the device.

How does AIRTIME integrate with our systems?
A typical integration involves the exchange of three data files. A client/matter file and a favorites file going to the AIRTIME server, and a time file going back to the firm's time and billing system.
AIRTIME can interface in a number of ways. File upload/download is the most common mechanism. However, we also support XML and SQL integration where available and desired. Typically, the interface to Elite, Carpe Diem, RainMaker, Omega, Aderant and other systems is accomplished via a scheduled file upload configured to the vendor's specifications.

What's involved in creating a favorites file if we don't already have a similar feature in our time & billing package?
The favorites file which is pushed down to the handheld devices is meant to represent the open and active cases for each professional in the firm. Typically a query of the time and billing package is created by the firm to pull either "X" number of the most recently used client/matter combinations for each timekeeper, or alternatively all of the client/matters used by a particular timekeeper within a specified period - say the last 30 or 60 days.

How does A4P transmit data to a server?
A4P on the handsets uses either SMS or standard email (your choice) to communicate with the AIRTIME server. In either case this communication occurs in real time over an encrypted air link.

How can I help my end users to get the most out of their AIRTIME experience?
We've found the most critical aspect is aiding the ease of data entry. You can do this by making sure the appropriate favorites are on each professional's device, providing adequate training, encouraging the use of short cuts or auto-text in the narrative field, and finally enlisting each user in our Tips and Tricks e-mail series.

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How does A4P secure my data?
Depending on your configuration, there are four possible areas of security:

  1. The connection from your handheld to the A4P web service
    o Data transfer between the handheld and our AIRTIME server uses the same transport as the confidential emails you are now sending and receiving and is equally secure.
  2. The connection from a web browser user to the A4P web service
    Data transfer between users and the web is secured via SSL with a 128 bit digital certificate. AIRTIME secures the entire transaction exactly like a credit card transaction and will provide a VPN connection upon request.
  3. The connection from your accounting or time entry system to the A4P web service
    o This connection is usually made by file transfers between the two systems. A4P supports a number of secure file transfer protocols including Secure FTP.
    o AIRTIME can also supply a VPN connection between the two systems for those clients who want it.
    o For clients interested in real time integration, AIRTIME can work with you to implement XML based integration over SSL.
  4. The AIRTIME server itself
    o AIRTIME servers are housed in a secure hosting facility in New Jersey with regularly conducted security audit procedures. Physical security measures include biometric access control, 24 hour staffing and closed circuit TV monitoring. Other clients using this facility include ADP, Dun & Bradstreet, Akamai, and BBC.

Can we install an AIRTIME server in our environment?
The AIRTIME server can be operated as a web-based service we host, or installed as a server inside your firewall. The AIRTIME server collects all the data from the handsets and provides access to that data either via web monitoring and reports, or via downloads into your time and billing system.

What happens if the A4P server goes down?
The A4P client application uses the same store-and-forward transport as your other wireless email. While A4P server availability is in the high 90% range, individual users routinely go "offline" when drifting out of coverage areas (as a function of wireless carriers) without any impact on A4P's performance. A4P does not lose data in these instances, as queued transactions are sent when the server becomes available.

Does AIRTIME view or use my data?
No. Individual records may at times be viewed or accessed only for the purpose of resolving a problem, support issue, or suspected violation of the Master Subscription Agreement. It is the customer's responsibility to maintain the confidentiality and security of the user registration and password.

What happens to my old data?
Unless other arrangements are explicitly made, transactions greater than 90 days are automatically purged. Upon termination of any agreement and/or at our customer's written request, AIRTIME will purge any or all unwanted data.

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